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All right, in celebration of my 300 followers, I’m going to be running two fandom giveaways. This first one is for Supernatural, because I’m no longer a crazed fanatic and I think all this stuff I’ve got should go to somebody who is.

What’s included:

-KAZ-2Y5 license plate along with a frame that says MY OTHER CAR IS A ‘67 CHEVY IMPALA. You can put it on your car, or you can put it on your wall.

-A ‘Road So Far’ poster. This is pretty old and I don’t remember where I got it. It’s a map of the US with a bunch of stickers that mark some of the locations and creatures from the first season of the show.

-Two issues of Supernatural magazine. They’re issues fourteen and twenty-four, from 2010 and 2011, respectively.

-Three double sided posters that came out of some magazines at some point or another.

-BOOKS! Supernatural: Origins; John Winchester’s Journal; The Supernatural Book of Monsters, Spirits, Demons, and Ghouls jk I’m keeping this one but I’m too lazy to take another picture; Supernatural Companions for seasons one through three; In the Hunt; and a couple of paperback novels that are all pretty good.

-You may also be getting some Sam/Dean dog tags and/or a Samulet depending on whether or not I can find them. They’re around here somewhere.


-YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE FOLLOWING ME. I mean, you can if you want, but I almost never post Supernatural. It’s mostly Homestuck around here.

-You may like the post once

-You may reblog the post once

-I’ll be using a random number generator, but if I look at your blog and you don’t post any Supernatural, I’m going to pick somebody else. I really want this stuff to go to somebody who wants it and appreciates it as much as I did when I was super into the show!

-I will pay for shipping but with the books I think it’s going to weigh a ton, so I’d prefer no international outside Canada/the US, please! Of course, if you don’t live there and you REALLY REALLY want this stuff and you’d like to pay your own shipping, that’s cool too.

This giveaway will end in exactly two weeks, on January 25th.

And that’s it! Reblog away!

UPDATE not the season two companion book because my mother wants to keep it, but the rest are good! I’ve also found the Dean dog tag ahahaha

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