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Tutorials and Help

Tumblr related

Q: How do I let people submit a post on my tumblr / enable my submit box?
A: Copy the URL below, paste it in your URL box, change 'YOURUSERNAME' into yours, press enter, scroll down to 'Submissions' section then check the box next to 'Let people submit posts':

Q: How do I allow people to ask me questions / enable my ask box?
A: Copy the URL below, paste it in your URL box, change 'YOURUSERNAME' into yours, press enter, scroll down to 'Ask' section then check the box next to 'Let people ask questions':

Q: How do I allow people to answer a question on my post?
A: CLICK HERE for the instructions

Q: How can I change the number of posts (per page) shown on my tumblr site?
A: CLICK HERE for the instructions

Q: How did you change the themes for each pages? For example, this FAQ page.
A: You need the Page Type and set it as 'Custom Layout' ~ For better instructions: CLICK HERE.

Theme related

Q: I can't download the code from Source 1, it directs me to Mediafire's home page not the download page.
A: Click here for the solution!

Q: Why does MakeMeSTFU, Cherrybam, Dolliecrave, etc. uses your theme code? Did they stole it from you?
A: I made those themes for them, they bought it from me. They didn't stole it, it's theirs now.

Q: How can I disable 'Disqus'?
A: Click here for the instructions

Q: How can I remove/hide the 'Like' link?
A: Go to your Customize page then from the menu, click 'Appearance', scroll down and uncheck the box next to 'Show Like Link', then click 'Save'.

Q: Can you please remove the ADF.LY ads/links?
A: No and I don't have the time to do it for you. You just have to get used to it.

Q: Where did all your themes go? / Where is the link for your Themes' page?

Q: How can I install one of your themes?
A: CLICK HERE for the instructions.

Q: How can I change the colors, title, font size, font style, background color, add a background image, change titles and not make them lowercase, show tags, show picture caption, add my own picture instead of having the tumblr portrait, hide my tumblr portrait, add more links, hide refresh and archive links, hide reblog link, enable right click, remove the color from the pictures when hovering to it, make the sidebar stay/fixed sidebar, enable endless scrolling, show disqus, show streampad and so on...?
A: Go to Customize > Appearance option on top; that is where you can customise your theme. ~ Click HERE to see how it should look like.

Q: What should I do if there's a question mark in my description area? It looks something like this, CLICK HERE.
A: Look for the code in the theme that STARTS with (without the spaces):
{ block:IfYourImage }

and ENDS with (without the spaces):

{ / block:IfYourImage }

Now, just DELETE those codes and click 'Save'.

Q: What should I do if my posts overlaps with my sidebar? It looks something like this, CLICK HERE.
A: You need to change your screen resolution to 1280 x 800 (or higher; whatever suits the theme). Try website #1, website #2, website #3 (For Mac) or website #4 (Google results) to know how; or you can Zoom out or Zoom in ~ that theme was suppose to look like this, CLICK HERE.

Q: What should I do when my theme doesn't look like the one in the preview? / When I save and close after customizing my page, the colors change into colors I didn't choose and my subtitle and title switch. Can you help me please?
A: Go to Customize page, scroll down to find 'Reset Defaults' and then, save it ~ Click HERE to see how it should look like.

Q: What if I don't have 'Notepad'?
A: You can download it; CLICK HERE to do so or you can find more programs just like Notepad, CLICK HERE.

Q: I was wondering why the 'dashboard' and 'follow' buttons at the top right hand corner don't show in one of your themes / its on top of my posts instead of it being on the corner. What happened?
A: If the dashboard and follow buttons doesn't show up, then ask Tumblr Support because it's their problem; but if it is on top of your posts, then this is because you didn’t get ALL the code. You need to make sure that the theme code ends with:


Q: What is the code for infinite/endless scrolling?
A: Put this code under <head> and remember to re-type the quotation marks before using this code:
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Q: What is the code for the reblog button?
A: Here it is and make sure you re-type the quotation marks before using this code or it won't work at all:
<a href="{ ReblogURL }"><img src=""/></a>

Q: What is the code for "disable right click"?
A: Put this code under <head> of your theme code and remember to re-type the quotation marks before using this code:
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Q: How do I put a "Back To Top" script?
A: CLICK HERE to get the codes and paste ALL of it in your Theme's code under <head>.

Q: Every time I try and change something via Appearance option, the theme gets all messed up. What should I do?
A: Install a new theme, reset defaults, put my theme code back, reset defaults again then edit it the way you want it. I am still not sure why this is happening but I will update this answer later for a better instruction.

Q: Is there a way to show the caption in the photo posts?
A: CLICK HERE for the instructions

Q: Can I remove the credit link from the sidebar/footer then put it in one of my page(eg. about)?
A: No, keep at least ONE of the credits in the theme where everyone can see it.

Q: Can I edit it?
A: Sure you can, but do not remove the credits.

Q: Why aren't your themes in the Theme Garden / why don't you submit your themes in the Theme Garden?
A: Because it doesn't let me update the code and they won't approve my themes.

Q: Can I use the theme from one of your Sub pages (Themes, Buttons, Dashboard Themes, Advertising and FAQ)?
A: No, you cannot. There is no tumblr theme code for those themes.

Q: How did you make your themes?
A: I type up the codes. If you want to know how to make a tumblr theme then you need to learn the basics of HTML; google it. To learn the Tumblr Codes, CLICK HERE.

Q: What browsers are your themes compatible with?
A: Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer; though some of my themes looks better on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Q: Will you be still making more themes?
A: I don't know. Maybe, maybe not; If I have time, yes but I usually DO during the school holidays.

Q: Whats with the names of all your themes?
A: Most of them are named from a song.

Q: You have sooo many themes! Since when did you started making them?
A: Since my first Tumblr blog (Darlieecious) which was back in 2010 or late 2009.

Site related

Q: Did you used to be 'Darlieecious'?
A: Yes.

Q: What happened?
A: It got suspended because I violated their policies; please don't ask which one.

Q: Can I use/get the code for the theme you're using on your main site?
A: No, Its not available as a tumblr theme, only for my tumblr. I will post it as soon as I have time.

Q: Can you follow me? / Follow for Follow?
A: No, I don't do follow for follow or follow backs. HINT: I only follow the blogs that posts Film Photography and a Photo blog that credits the owner of the photographs they've posted.

Q: Can you promote me? / Promo for promo?
A: No, I don't do promote for promote, etc. Unless you're willing to pay me AU$5.

Q: How many followers do you have?
A: The followers' counter changes everyday so I don't know but I have enough followers.

Q: Can you make me a theme?
A: No, unless you're willing to pay me.

Q: Where did you found all the photos you post?
A: Every photos I post has its own click-through link and source link (with the "©" sign). Click on the picture or the source link and it will send you to where I got the photo from/where I found it. If the photo doesn't have a link on it and you know its yours (and you can prove it) or you know someone who owns it; then email me (

Q: What is that little picture next to your site/url address? How did you get that and how can I change mine?
A: It is called a favicon and Click HERE to know how to change your favicon.

Q: Wow, your FAQ page is pretty long. How long did it took you to write ALL of these?
A: I didn't write it all in one day! Silly. I just updated and added more into it every now and then.

Owner related

Q: How did you learn how to make a theme and can you please teach me how to make a theme?
A: I used to have a website and I know HTML by heart; since I was ten years old. I am self-taught and its easy, just google what you want to know and learn it yourself! No one taught me how to make themes. Teach yourself.

Q: Do you have facebook, twitter, google plus, etc...?
A: No.

Q: Is that you on your Tumblr portrait?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: What is your gender?
A: Female

Q: Are you straight, gay or bi-sexual?
A: Straight

Q: What is your race?
A: I am a mix.

Q: Is your hair real or just extensions?
A: Real. 100% real.

Q: How long does it take to grow your hair?
A: 2 years, I think it was.

Q: Why are you Atheist? / Why don't you believe in god?
A: Because there hasn't been any proof that he ever did exist. Unless there is a proof that he exist, then I will believe in god.

Q: Have you got anything against god?
A: Just because I don't believe in god, doesn't mean I have something against him.

Q: OMG! You want to gain weight/get fat? and why?
A: Yes, I do. Because I thought it'd be nice to gain a little bit more weight on.

Q: What type of music are you into?
A: Heavy Metal, Techno, Trance, Dubstep, RnB, Hip-Hop, Jazz and more. I listen to almost any type of music which makes me an Eclectic music listener.

Q: What are your favourite bands?
A: A Day To Remember, Amity Affliction, Asking Alexandria, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine, Eyes Set To Kill, Flyleaf, From Dying Skies, Letterbox Tragedy, Manian, Of Mice & Men, Pierce The Veil, Rusko, Skream, Skrillex, The Bloody Beetroots, The Devil Wears Prada, You Me At Six and more...

Q: What kind of hairstyle do you have? What do you call it?
A: I wouldn't have a clue. I haven't had a PROPER haircut since September 2009 and I have been growing my hair since that. I have this weird habit of getting a scissor and cutting every split ends I find; and I am serious. I don't trust hair dressers so I cut my own hair.

Q: I want your hairstyle! How do I get my hair like yours?
A: I suggest you use Google Images and print out a picture of the hair you like then, show that picture to a hair dresser.

Q: Can you post your Tumblr Icon please?
A: No, I can't be bothered.

GIFs related

Q: How do you make GIFs?

Q: How do you make GIFs like these: CLICK HERE; like, the rest of the background is not moving but only one thing moves?

Q: Where do you make your GIFs at?
A: Adobe Photoshop CS4. There should be a free/pirate version of it somewhere in the internet, go find it or BUY IT.

Q: What video converter do you use?
A: I don't use any but I recommend 'Sothink Video Converter'.

Q: How do you colour your GIFs?
A: I use PSD's and I download them from HERE. ~For more source, CLICK HERE!

Q: What fonts do you use?
A: 'Tahoma' for subtitle and 'Small fonts' for the watermark.

Q: Can you make me a GIF?
A: Depends, if I'm in the mood or not and if I have the time to do it. Sorry If I can't!


These are not actually "questions" but statements.

S: You're so pretty/I love your blog!/I love your themes!/[Insert more compliments here]
A: Thank you! I'm sorry if I don't get to reply to this <3

S: Your blog sucks/I don't like you!/You're such a bitch/Go die!/[Insert more here]
A: Thank you :)

S: You spend too much time on Tumblr. Get a life.
A: I have a Queue on which automatically posts the posts I add on it for 24 hours; mine is set to 15 posts a day. So technically, I'm not always on Tumblr. YOU'RE the one who needs a life.

S: I hate all these ADF.LY links in your Themes' page!
A: Then, go and find another theme site.
Last Updated: 24th of December 2013